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Contact Us

Tsawaayuus (Rainbow Gardens)
The Westcoast Native Health Care Society
6151 Russell Place Port Alberni BC V9Y 7W3
Phone: 250.724.5655
Fax: 250.724.5666

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for Long-Term Care and Assisted Living?2019-05-24T00:53:25+00:00

Island Health determines the monthly rate based of your tax assessment notice. It is very important to get your taxes done yearly. For Long-Term Care it is roughly 80% of your income. For Assisted Living it is roughly 70% of your income.” For Assisted Living there is also an $18.00/month Hydro surcharge

What is included in the monthly fee?2019-05-24T00:53:29+00:00

For Long-Term Care: Personal care,  all meals, laundry/Housekeeping service. For Assisted Living: Personal Care, 2 of the 3 daily meals, weekly light housekeeping, weekly bed linen washing, basic lifeline service.

What are the chargeable extras?2019-05-24T00:53:34+00:00

For both Long-Term Care and Assisted Living the most common chargeable extras are: cablevision, foot care, hair salon, and for Long-Term Care only: wheelchair rentals.

What are the visiting hours?2019-05-24T00:55:39+00:00

Guests are welcome to visit residents during the daytime and appointments are not required. Please check-in with the nursing station on arrival.

Can I bring a pet?2019-05-24T00:55:02+00:00

Yes! We welcome visits from all types of pets as long as they are friendly to staff and other residents.

How do I become a Volunteer?2019-05-24T00:51:11+00:00

If you would like to volunteer or join our Auxiliary, please contact our Activity Coordinators at (250) 724-5655 or