At Tsawaayuus we have an underlying respect for who people are. We strive to keep each Resident as well as they can be. We accept each Resident as a unique whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally.

Tsawaayuus plays a role in the community which includes education. We challenge and act against racism.

Each Resident has a family they are important to whether it is the family within Tsawaayuus or their relatives in the community.

The house we maintain for Residents is comfortable and warm. Care provided is supportive and culturally appropriate to the individual. We are relationship focused.

Staff are valued for the skills, knowledge and abilities they bring to Tsawaayuus.

They are responsible to know how to provide safe care and maintain a safe environment for Residents. Staff are open to learning and sharing. We are cooperative as a team and we have concern for one another.

December 13, 1995


“Tsawaayuus is a unique, responsibly managed, Multi-level Care Facility whose mission is to provide holistic, culturally competent care in a family-like environment with an emphasis on Aboriginal People.”